A pioneer

Lings Hunting Greenland is a family owned business from Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq with over 40 years of experience in hunting in the Kangerlussuaq area.

First Karsten hunted for the meat for the family and restaurants in the area later he was one of the pioneers working with the government to develop trophy hunting in Greenland. Karsten has also contributed to the developing and high standards by training others in the community as trophy hunting guides.  

In the DNA

Hunting is part of the Greenland DNA and has through history been the main source of food for the Inuit. With the Lings family you’ll find a deep connection and cohesion with nature and knowledge of Arctic way of live. Here you are guaranteed extraordinary authentic and sustainable hunting and a unique way into living in the Arctic .

Karsten Lings

Vivi Lings

Lukas Lings

Family project

Today 2 of the family 4 children has also joined the business. Vivi Lings the oldest daughter and Lukas Lings the only son have been going hunting with their parents since before they could walk, and not only do they know their way around the hunting tradition and life. They have both lived overseas in Germany, Chili, and Denmark and Vivi is a graduate in service, hospitality & tourism management.